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Dr Jess LEUNG 是精神科專科醫生,專長於長者精神健康(包括認知障礙症/譫妄/ 老年抑鬱等)以及與精神行為能力有關的醫學法律事宜。梁醫生是前香港監護委員會委員,精神健康資訊匯 (MIP Care Resouce Connect, 一個專為失去精神行為能力人士的照顧者提供資訊支援的慈善組織)的 創會會員,以及香港大學和香港中文大學醫學院的名譽臨床助理教授。


Dr Jess LEUNG is a psychiatrist, subspecialized in late-age mental health. Her expertise includes neurocognitive disorders and mental capacity related medical-legal issues. She is former member of Guardianship Board of Hong Kong, the founding member of ”MIPCRC” (a charitable organization aiming to provide support & information to caregivers of mentally-incapacitated persons), and currently serving as honorary clinical assistant professor of HKU and CUHK.

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