I had a dream


I had a dream. Upon waking up, the dream struck me as its similarity with the play ”An Inspector Calls” and its association with current global chaotic situations.

Who ARE the Birling family i.e. the inflictor(s)? Obviously not a single person or an isolated community of people … part of you and me contribute to the plight.

Who ARE Eva i.e. the victims? It appears to me that WE are all victims suffering from the global infectious disease threat, the economic crisis, the ”torture” of social isolation, and our own emotions including anxiety about uncertainties, depression due to loss, anger (嗔) and greed(貪).

Who is/are the Inspector Goole i.e. the rescurer(s)? I believe ”Inspector Goole” is hiding inside each of us – our conscience and kindness to the environment/ our family/ our ”enemies” and ourselves! The adversities are the ”Calls” to wake us up from the indulgence in the materialistic and mundane world, and to re-prioritize our values in life.

Everything is multifactorial. The phenomenon is complex, but ”interdependence” is universal. Before making effort to change the external world or to ”correct” others, do introspect (內觀/內省) and practice compassion meditation (慈心觀).

Keep HOPE alive! We have power to save ourselves from the predicament by brining the heart home ( 把心帶回家 ).